About Bates Martin

Michael BatesLicensed Architect for the State of Texas
Michael Bates began his architecture career by following in the footsteps of his father, Russell. He moved to Denton as a child in 1968 and has made it his home ever since. He has been practicing architecture since 1990, working with his father and gaining experience along the way. Michael has a Master of Architecture acquired from Texas A&M University and is a registered Interior Designer.

His strengths are project administration, computer technology, and ensuring highly accurate and comprehensive construction documents. In addition, he is adept at guiding a project through governmental channels.

Mark MartinLicensed Architect for the State of Texas
Mark Martin`’s love of architecture grew from working in construction and growing up around family that had made building their business. Being born in Denton, Mark is a life-time resident of the city and has been practicing architecture since 1993.

His strengths are design and the development of construction documents. He also shows skill in public relations, project administration, and construction details.

Bates + Martin

They have known each other since the 2nd grade and knew working together would bring an excellent product to the market. Michael and Mark are equipped with vast construction knowledge and form a strong professional team with builders and contractors.

With their combined knowledge and experience, they are well-prepared to meet any of your architectural needs